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Does Metal Roofing Lower Your Insurance Premiums?

Due to advancements in roofing manufacturing processes, metal roofs have become an accessible roofing option for many homeowners. It’s considered as a significant upgrade from asphalt shingle roofs since they shine in numerous aspects. It excels in energy efficiency, protection and ease of maintenance as well as aesthetic appeal.

 Metal Roofing

However, not a lot of homeowners know that metal roof installation projects can also help decrease their insurance premiums. 

Your Homeowners Insurance and Metal Roofing

All roof replacement projects will affect your insurance coverage. This is because this project helps you protect your home from damage and keeps it safe from the elements for the years to come. Remember that damage caused by the elements are oftentimes covered by your homeowners insurance.

However, this might not always be the case. Certain insurance providers factor in some details when they update the policies of the coverage of insurance holders, such as the roofing system. For example, wood shakes aren’t as durable as other roofing materials. This isn’t a good material to use in areas prone to forest fires. As such, using wood shakes would put your insurance policy at risk.

Talking to Your Insurance Provider

While we can’t guarantee that your new roofing system will reduce your insurance premiums, rest assured that we’ll help you pick a roofing system that will bode well for your insurance policy. For instance, we’ll pick roofing systems that come with features that your insurer will like, such as fire and impact resistance. You can ask your insurer if your new metal roof will also affect your insurance policy if you do install it.

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