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How to Tell if a Tree Is Likely to Damage Your Gutters

It’s common to think that trees are a beautiful and important part of your property, but they can also cause problems to your gutter and even your entire home when you least expect them to. 

How to Tell if a Tree Is Likely to Damage Your Gutters

Here are some signs that will help you recognize when a nearby tree is likely to damage your gutters and home.

Overgrown Roots

Some buildings have preexisting cracks that allow roots to penetrate into the foundation. In other cases, a home’s foundation can be uplifted by large root systems that extend beneath it. It’s also damaging to your home when overgrown roots absorb water from beneath the foundation as this can cause the structure to settle and sink unevenly.

Fallen Leaves

You may enjoy fallen leaves, but they can wreak havoc on your gutter system and roof. Any fallen leaves, pine needles or debris left in your gutters for an extended time can accumulate and prevent water from properly flowing through the gutters and downspouts. Water can leak along the sides of your home if a blockage forms. Various components of your home – such as your roof, attic and foundation – may be affected. Schedule gutter cleaning and roof inspections to ensure your gutters are in good condition.

Moss Growth

Trees may encourage moss growth on your roof since they provide the ideal environment for it to develop. Moss may begin to grow on the shingles if a tree provides too much shade. When this happens, it can cause shingles to loosen or shatter, reducing the lifespan of the roof. While you may not be able to uproot a healthy tree, you may have it trimmed to reduce the amount of shade it provides and the possibility of moss growth.

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