Solar Panel Systems For The Mountain Roof

With Colorado’s abundant high altitude sunshine, adding solar panels to your mountain roof makes a lot of sense. When many people think of solar panels the first thing that comes to mind are unattractive black boxes bolted to a roof. Today, solar panels are designed to integrate beautifully with the profile of the roof, enabling them to blend into the design and maintain the important structural designs that protect the structure from snow and ice damage.

Government Incentives For Solar Roofs

New incentive programs can help you save on the installation of your home solar system. The Roofing Company has all the latest information on incentives and rebates available to homeowners in Colorado. To learn more about tax incentives, please call the office and ask to speak with Mandie Rangel.

Choosing a Solar Panel Contractor

While many companies can install solar roof panels, only The Roofing Company has the experience and design knowledge to install solar panels that provide optimum energy collecting performance, while maintaining the beauty and functionality of your mountain roof. Our staff is trained by Colorado’s finest, Solar Energy International (SEI).

Have questions about solar panels for your Colorado mountain home? Call The Roofing Company. We are here to help.