Storm Damage

Your Experts in Mountain Roof Storm Damage

Storm damage comes for every roof in all regions of the world. The roof of your home or building is designed to withstand these damages. In time, however, storm damage will take a lasting toll on your roof. As mountain people, we’re experts in the roof storm damage unique to the Colorado Rockies.

As our community’s most trusted mountain roofer, we’ll ensure your roof is prepared for storm damage – from design and installation to ongoing and necessary maintenance. Our storm damage services are informed by decades of experience and will leave you with the comfort of a sound mountain roof.

Mountain Roof Storm Damage

Mountain roofs endure a unique set of challenges. If not properly maintained, storms have a way of turning old damage into big problems. With nearly 50 years of mountain roofing experience, our services are tailored to help your roof weather mountain storms.

Roof storm damage weakens the integrity of your roof, but it doesn’t have to lead to immediate roof replacement. We’re experts in roof repair at The Roofing Company, and we can mend those storm damages before more exhaustive measures are required. Plus, we offer services to further prepare your roof to incur fewer damages when more storms roll in.

Mountain Storm Damage

Rocky Mountain Roof Types

With decades of mountain roofing and building science expertise, we specialize in a variety of roof types best suited for our unique climate. Our systems and techniques ensure superior results – from the most common materials to those engineered specifically for mountainous regions.

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Mountain roofs take a beating unlike that of any other climate. Our experienced team knows what to look for when it comes to roof storm damages, and we can repair them before minor repairs become major headaches down the road. Preserve your roofing system with our expertise.

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Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

During winter months, snow removal from your residential or commercial roof is highly important to prevent structural problems and keep your systems in optimal shape. We have the technique and expertise to remove the snow from your roof safely and efficiently.

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Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal

Winter can bring some unexpected surprises, such as ice dams. Unfortunately, these pesky things can cause severe damage to your roofing system if not dealt with right away and correctly! Our experienced team quickly takes care of this problem through our proven technique that helps minimize further damage to the area.

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Roof management Essentials Package

Roof Management Essentials Package

Our roof snow removal and management services are fast, reliable, and effective. We use proven systems and the most trusted products to prepare your home or building for roof storm damage and to reduce the hazards it can create.


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