The Roofing Company

One-of-a-kind metal with our custom patina 

The Roofing Company specializes in creating custom patina finishes for metal roofs, giving each project a distinct appearance that stands out from the rest. Our tailored approach ensures that every roof reflects the individual style of our clients, adding a touch of personality to their homes or buildings.


We Set the Standard in Roofing Excellence

The Roofing Company is an award winning roofing company in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, generally known for setting the standard in the roofing industry. Our team is highly skilled and well experienced in all roofing applications including custom patina finishes, shingles, flat roofs, venting, snow management, and more. 

We have nearly five decades of experience working with custom metal roofing systems of copper, corten, zinc, and raw and manufactured painted steel – our customers are guaranteed that the work we do is to the highest standards.

Custom Patina Metal Craftsmanship

For centuries craftsmen have used copper for its resistance to corrosion, its durability, its aesthetic appeal, and its relative moldability in forming complex shapes. Through the years copper has maintained its appeal in building and roofing systems due to its outstanding attributes and colors. 

In all our time spent in the roofing industry, we’ve practiced the art of custom metal roofing systems. Our work with custom metal roofing—including patinated metals like copper—displays a firm grasp of the craft resulting in projects completed to perfection.

The Distinct Look of a Patina Metal Finish

The process of patination gives the product a particular look, color, and feel. A demanding process, patination requires distinctive craftsmanship and experience. The techniques used are extensive and are subject to time, humidity, surface preparation, UV availability, and several other variables.

A true patina is not a surface paint. It’s a chemical reaction that allows for the premature aging of the material to gain a desired finish. Variations in color and pattern will occur with each patina finish – more in some than others. This unique variation, however, allows a natural flow of the combined finishes when viewed with the naked eye.

With The Roofing Company, you don’t have to wait decades to achieve the warmth and unique character of patina. We have the expertise and processes to give you the patina finishes you’re looking for – including greens, blue-greens, blues, violet and a host of other color combinations.