Roof Snow Removal

Innovative and Expert Solutions

During winter months, snow removal from your residential or commercial roof is highly important to prevent structural problems and keep your systems in optimal shape. In fact, a non-maintained roof not only puts the safety of the occupants at risk, but it also results in numerous issues that can cause damage. 

For this reason, you should never neglect having the snow and ice safely cleared from your roof during the winter season. To help with your roof snow removal, and to keep you safe, The Roofing Company offers top-quality services that can ensure the health of your roofing system, regardless of the weather condition.

Roof Snow Removal: Trust the Experts

Roof snow removal might seem like a simple task for some home or building owners, but what they don’t realize is that removing snow from roofs requires specialized skills and techniques to get the job done safely and without causing damage to the entire roofing system. The specialists at The Roofing Company have all the tools, skills, and expertise needed to ensure the success of your snow removal project.

With specialized skill and innovative techniques, we provide safe and effective snow removal for all types of roofs – from asphalt shingles to tile or metal-clad systems. We know the importance of having a sound roof year-round, and we do not want to compromise your safety – we’ll complete your roof snow removal safely and without causing any damage.

snow removal from roof

Roof Management Essentials

Our roof snow removal and management services are fast, reliable, and effective. Here are some of the advanced components we use to successfully manage snow after clearing your roof:

roofing heat cable

Heat Cables

Ice dams are common to homes in the mountains. These cables allow for water to drain through ice dams, preventing a series of structural problems.

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roof snow brackets

Snow Guards and Brackets

These rooftop devices are part of a snow retention system used to prevent damage due to the sliding of snow and ice masses that accumulate on roofs, while also allowing accumulating snow to create an insulating blanket to promote energy efficiency.

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alpine snow fence

Snow Fences

Snow fences help stop the movement of the upper layers of rooftop snow masses. These are particularly helpful over highly trafficked areas where snow falling from the roof might cause injury to people below or lead to further hazards. 

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