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We’re The Roofing Company

Experts in and students of the ‘building science’ behind mountain roofing, we’re the mountain roofing company you can trust. With nearly 50 years of experience, we understand what it takes for your home or building’s roof to endure the harsh conditions of the Rockies, and we’re committed to doing the job correctly, safely, and at competitive prices.

Founded in 1976

Mountain roofing projects, no matter their size, are some of the most challenging roofing projects in the world. On top of the complexities that come with mountain locations, these roof systems need to withstand high winds, subzero temperatures, and an average of 25 feet of snow annually.

Since 1976, The Roofing Company has been installing high-quality roofs on large and elaborate mountain projects. We are very passionate about ‘building science’ and our team of experts understand how buildings perform in severe mountain weather.

Because mountain roofing is all we do, our team of industry leaders is always looking for innovative ways to combine mountain-specific designs, sturdy materials, and quality craftsmanship to build and maintain roofs that are meant to withstand extreme, high-altitude conditions, such as high winds, subzero temperatures, and the Rocky Mountain snowfall.

For more than 46 years we’ve been students of the ‘building science’ of mountain roofing, and we continue to advance our skills and techniques every year. We are committed to educating our clients and our community on how buildings perform in the mountains, and hold a unique view of how roofs should be designed to perform based on each individual homes’ conditions.

Doing business with us guarantees time and value to your roof, while our ‘building science’ approach gives you peace of mind.

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Our Values 



We provide our customers with the highest quality service and products available



We aim to make our customers lifelong customers



We employ customer service representatives who are students of the trade



We will remain a community and family oriented company

The Roofing Company does a fantastic job each time and consult with you throughout the entire process. From site visit to quote, to install - the customer experience is what sets this company apart.

Keith Lewis


At the helm of our company is a team of leaders who understand the industry and love our mountain community.

Vendors and Partners

One of the few licensed providers for several tried and true products made to withstand harsh mountain conditions, we work with the best.

Community Support

We’re a mountain roofing company made up of mountain people and we’re grateful to support our community.

Company News

We’re committed to educating our community on the ‘building science’ behind mountain roofing.

Areas We Serve

Our home is in the Rocky Mountains and our expertise is for our Rocky Mountain communities.