Giving Back to Our Mountain Communities

We’re mountain people. We live and breathe the mountain lifestyle and we’re committed to our mountain community. Dedicated to furthering the building science behind mountain roofing, we take every opportunity to educate our community and provide the highest quality services in our unique climate.

Through the years, our community has allowed us to continue to do what we love. They’ve trusted us with the most crucial components of their homes and buildings, and we’re grateful to have become their dependable and quality mountain roofing contractor.

More than expert roofing services, our team is committed to providing every ounce of support that we can for the community that made The Roofing Company what it is today. For as long as our doors are open, we’ll continue to support our community, providing every opportunity to call our beautiful mountains “home.”

mountain Communities

Our Community Involvement

There’s no level of support for our community that we’ll shy away from. From donated services to sponsorships, our success and expertise are for the betterment of the Colorado Rocky Mountain people.

Sponsorships from The Roofing Company

Our sponsorships have been a great way to stay engaged with our community. Through them, we’ve provided support for some of our community’s most pertinent causes, effectively making our mountains a beautiful place to call “home.” 

 If your company or organization is interested in partnering with The Roofing Company through sponsorship, fill out this simple form and our team will be in touch with you.

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The Roofing Company does a fantastic job each time and consult with you throughout the entire process. From site visit to quote, to install - the customer experience is what sets this company apart.

Keith Lewis