Prepare Your Mountain Roof for Incoming Storms

For our mountain communities, it’s no secret that the winter can be fierce. Heavy snowfall and ice are a headache we all have to deal with. While these issues pale in comparison to the beauty of the mountains around us, they’re issues that must be addressed.

Our roof management essentials package is designed to minimize those winter headaches. We use the highest quality products to manage snow and ice, ultimately keeping you safe and your roof in tip-top shape.

Mountain Storm
roofing heat cable

Heat Cables

Ice dams are a common nuisance for homes in the mountains. They form in winter months when snow runoff freezes at the base of your roof and can cause a series of structural damage. For this reason, ice dam removal is an urgent matter which is why we’ve included it as a part of our roof management essentials package.

At The Roofing Company, we accomplish this management of ice dams via the use of heat cables. Heat cables are designed to melt ice immediately around them to allow for proper drainage of snow runoff. When properly installed, these cables keep your roof and gutter systems safe from the undesirable effects of ice dams.

Snow Guards and Brackets

Aside from increasing the weight load handled by your roofing assembly, heavy snow deposits also carry the risk of causing a mini avalanche should they begin to slide off the sloped surface. This can lead to all kinds of trouble including damaged plant life, landscaping, and outdoor decks, and, in worst-case scenarios, accidents, and injury. 

Snow brackets are roof-mounted metal “spikes” installed by your roofing contractor and designed to hold large amounts of snow in place and prevent them from falling in one big chunk.

Alpine SnowGuards

As part of our commitment to using only the best products, we proudly use Alpine SnowGuards at The Roofing Company. These snow guards undergo rigorous performance testing and come in over fifty styles to fit the needs and aesthetic of every mountain roof.

roof snow brackets
roof snow fences

Snow Fences

Similar to snow guards, snow fences act as a barrier against moving snow and ice on sloped roofs. Snow fences are horizontal structures installed near the eaves of a roof above highly trafficked areas such as entryways, walkways, and above driveways.

As snow accumulates along the snow fence, its weight is distributed along the fence, allowing it a safe place to melt slowly. Snow fences are best suited for metal or tile roofs as snow is more prone to movement on these roof types. Shingle roof types, on the other hand, are known for ice dam formation. While shingle roofs will benefit from snow fences, other components of our roof management essentials package are recommended to properly manage snow and ice.