Custom Roof Fabrication

A Quality and Unique Beauty for Your Roof that Lasts

There’s nothing that sets your home or building apart quite like a custom fabricated roof. At The Roofing Company, custom roof fabrication is our specialty. Our team of mountain roofing experts has the skills and knowledge from years of experience to build your ideal custom roof – there’s no project too big or complex that we’d shy away from.

We’ve been committed to the building science of roofing for decades, and are leaders in mountain roofing technology. There’s no style of custom roof fabrication, from customized metal roofing to our innovative snow management systems, in which we can’t guarantee excellence.

With a custom-fabricated roof from The Roofing Company, you’ll get more than the highest quality roofing system. With us, you’ll also get the comfort of knowing you’ve got the most qualified mountain roofing company on the job. With all the unique challenges that come with living in the mountains, you’ll have a beautiful and unique custom roof built to endure it all.

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Award-Winning Custom Roofing

In every type of custom roofing project, big or small, we’re committed to quality and safety. The Roofing Company is a multi-award-winning company in custom roof fabrication, with just as many awards for the safety of our methods and systems. No matter what sort of custom roofing project you have in mind, we’re the company that will guarantee to exceed your expectations – from design to installation to maintenance.

New Roof Construction

New Roof Construction

You should be able to trust that your roofing company is equipped to handle the build of your new home or building’s roof. With The Roofing Company, you can. Our skilled team can handle any type of roof build and can guarantee it’ll be completed to your ideal specifications.

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Custom Roof Accessories

At The Roofing Company, we offer custom roof venting, gutters, and downspouts that will set your new roof apart. Our metal roof accessories are fabricated in-house by our highly skilled team and can be customized to match the aesthetic of your home and roof.

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Custom Patina Finishes

Custom Patina Finishes

You don’t have to wait decades to achieve the warm refined look of patina. We have the expertise and processes to give you the patina finish you’re looking for – including greens, blue-greens, blues, violet, and a host of other color combinations.

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Custom Metal Wall Panels

Custom Metal Wall Panels

Complete the look of your custom fabricated home or building with our custom wall panels. With our refined processes and technologies, you’re guaranteed a long-lasting addition that will enhance your property’s aesthetic – a truly custom look.

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