Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Inspecting your roof and fixing any problems before the heavy snow arrives in the mountains can help prevent expensive damage. Here are some tips to ensure your roof is ready to handle the snow and ice ahead.

  1. Ensure that downspouts, gutters, chimney caps and other accessories are firmly attached. Replace broken fasteners and brackets.
  2. Inspect the roof for damage including: warping, missing shingles and bent or loose flashing.
  3. Hose gutters out to remove pine needles, pine cones, leaves and other debris.
  4. Clear any tree branches that are overhanging the roof.
  5. To prevent damage from sliding snow and ice masses, consider installing snow fences.
  6. If there is evidence of past ice dams, such as water stains in the interior of the home, have the roof inspected and retrofitted to prevent future damage.
  7. Have a snow removal plan. Learn the proper way to remove snow with a rake, or hire a contractor to do the removal for you.

If you find problems with your roof, call The Roofing Company. We can repair any damage before the snow accumulates and install snow fences and other accessories to prevent damage. We can also help with snow removal for your residential or commercial property.