The Advantages of Metal Roofs

When choosing a roof material for your home there are many options; asphalt shingles, composite materials, wood and slate and metal. In the mountain environment metal roofs are one of the more popular choices, here are some of the reasons why:

Fire Resistance

While fiberglass and asphalt shingles are one the most popular roof materials in the U.S., Metal roofs have the edge in the fire-prone mountain environment. Choose a metal roof for your home if you want it to meet the most stringent fire resistance requirements.


When it comes to metal roofs, you’re not limited to the the classic standing seam roof. There are many other options to compliment the architecture of your home including, shingles, tiles, diamonds, ribs, panels, and custom shapes. When finished in a distinctive patina, copper roofs can give your home a one-of-a-kind look that is as attractive as it is durable.

Low Weight

Metal roofs are often though of as a heavy roofing material. The reality is metal roofs are among the lightest materials available, at roughly 1.4 pounds per square foot. Even the lightest of asphalt shingle is going to weigh nearly twice as much as an average metal roof. This is why metal roofs are often be installed over existing roof decks covered in asphalt or wood shingles without compromising the roof structure.


Metal roofs are one of the longest lasting roof materials around. In fact, a copper roof can last 60 to 80 years. Metal roofs can resist the high winds, heavy snow and ice that are common in the mountains.

Taken together the advantages of metal roofs add up to an excellent investment that ensures long term performance that few other materials can match. It’s easy to see why they are among the most common roof materials in Colorado’s high country.