Thermal Splitting and How to Avoid It

One of the most common problems that occur with asphalt roofing is a phenomenon called thermal splitting. This type of problem is characterized by long cracks that run across the surface of the shingle. According to most residential roofing contractors, avoiding thermal splitting depends on being able to select the right shingle option for your roof.

thermal splitting and how to avoid it

How Thermal Splitting Occurs

Thermal splitting is a result of two major factors: poor product durability and uneven heat distribution. Because the top layer of the shingles gets most of the heat from the sun, it expands faster than the base layer (made of either organic felt or fiberglass). This causes the surface to tear from the stress caused by both layers pulling away in different directions.

Possible Damage

Aside from the cosmetic effect of having unsightly cracks or tears on your roof, thermal splitting can greatly weaken your asphalt shingles. Large cracks will completely expose the vulnerable base layer and even compromise the waterproof nature of your roof’s top layer. Roof installation services experts recommend having cracked shingles replaced as soon as possible to prevent moisture damage from being a threat to the roofing system.

Getting High-Quality Shingles

The best way to avoid thermal splitting on your roof is to be more particular when it comes to choosing your shingles. Low-end shingles tend to have thinner surface layers and more brittle base layers, making them more likely to develop thermal splits over years. For best results, choose brands recommended by trusted roofing companies like us.

Split-Free Alternatives

Another great way to completely avoid the problem altogether is to go for an alternative roofing option. For example, metal roofs are also available as shingles and can be textured to resemble the look of original asphalt shingles. This way, your new roof construction will still look the way you imagined while not having to deal with thermal splitting in the future.

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