How to Choose Shingle Colors

A lot of homeowners freeze when deciding on a roof color. Your roof makes up about half of your home’s exterior. This means that its color can and will dictate just how appealing or unsightly your home will appear. With this much at stake, your choice of shingle colors is perhaps just as important as the materials you choose for your roofing system.

How to Choose Shingle Colors

Here’s what you need to know about choosing shingle colors and how they can look great with the rest of your home.

Siding Colors

As with any design project, color coordination starts with a theme. Your home’s overall style is often a great place to start when choosing a color for your shingles. The colors you choose should offer enough contrast with your siding without being too disruptive.

Dark-colored roofs complement red, beige and white siding colors perfectly. Blue siding can work with dark roofing as well, but only for lighter shades. Deeper blues like navy and ultramarine can look uniform with dark roofing and may benefit from white or lighter-colored options.

Blends and Shades

For new roof construction or replacement projects, choosing a color is only one important aspect of design. Texture and blending are equally important in making sure your roof looks as great as it can be. Choosing textures should also follow the theme of your home, and contrasting is also a key concept in its execution.

You want your roof to be the opposite of your siding. For siding or walls that show intricate textures, such as exposed bricks or patterned panels, you want a flatly colored blend of asphalt shingles. The opposite is true for plainly colored siding.

Balancing Visuals

Dark colors are often more noticeable than light colors. This means that you want to choose darker shingles to create a balance in the visuals of your home. For example, multi-story homes will show a lot of siding color and will need an equally darker blend of shingles just to make the home appear balanced as opposed to bottom-heavy.

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