Getting New Gutters? 3 Questions to Ask Your Installer

There’s much more to residential gutter systems than what you see from the ground. If you’re planning to install new ones, you have to consider not only the cost, but also the material, style and other essential factors. Asking your installer the right questions can help you make informed decisions for your next purchase.

Getting New Gutters

Do You Have Seamless Gutters?

While sectional gutters have been traditionally used by homeowners for years, seamless gutters have started making a name for themselves, especially when it comes to keeping homes safe from water damage. Made of a single, continuous piece of metal, seamless gutters are less prone to clogs and leaks. This also makes them easier to maintain and more sophisticated in appearance due to the evident lack of visible fasteners.

What Gutter Styles Do You Offer?

Before buying anything, be sure to do your research about gutter styles. Your gutter contractor might recommend K-style and half-round gutters as they are popular among homeowners. The former comes in a “U” shape and is more suitable for homes with rounded roof lines. The latter, however, looks like a Colonial-style crown molding that goes with any contemporary home style.

Which Material Is Right for My Home?

While galvanized gutters are easy to install, they are prone to decay and corrosion. Aluminum is rising in popularity among homeowners as it’s durable, strong and corrosion resistant. Gutter installers can easily roll or form aluminum gutters using a portable machine on the actual job site.

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