Protecting Your Home’s Exterior During a Roof Installation

When you’re having your roof installed, a mess will be inevitable during construction. However, there are ways wherein you can protect your home’s exterior to reduce the clutter. With that, it’s important to reach an understanding with your roofing contractors so they can help maintain your home.

Home’s Exterior


As the homeowner, you can also help keep your home in excellent shape. Here are ways to lessen the mess.


Double Checking the Exterior 


Before construction starts, take a walk around your home to check for any preexisting issues. It’s also helpful to take a picture or a video of your exterior so that you’ll have a reference for any unknown alterations. If you do notice underlying problems, bring them up to your installation company.


Take note of anything around the house that might need special protection, too. For instance, if you’re preparing for a metal roof installation, cover any hot tubs or pools with extra tarps as roofing debris may end up there. It’s also a smart move to keep the toys in your children’s playground in a safe place to prevent any accidents. As for your driveway, you can use protective plywood sheets to avoid dents or scrapes.


Tend Your Garden


If you have any flower or vegetable gardens below the roof work area, drape them with tarps ahead of time. You should also discuss with your contractor if you have any prized flowers or newly planted areas so they can allow for extra tarps to cover them. For smaller plants, place the tarps over some lengths of lumber that are angled or leaned against the house walls. On the brighter side, you don’t have to worry about mature shrubs or trees as they are usually strong enough to endure roofing debris that might come their way.


Keep the Area Clean


It is guaranteed that your hired crew will use a lot of materials during the process. As such, make sure that they have the tools to keep your area clean, such as brooms, garbage cans and rakes. Additionally, if the job takes more than one day to finish, it’s important to clean up at the end of the day. Debris can be a hazard at night, or wind might dislodge the tarps.


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