The Roofing Company: Your Source for Reliable Roofing in Copper Mountain, CO

For over four decades, The Roofing Company has been serving property owners in Copper Mountain, CO, providing top-notch roof installation and repair, as well as a host of other improvement services intended for both residential and commercial applications. With an experienced and trained professional design and construction team, we are able to ensure that your investment is in good hands.

As your mountain roofing experts, The Roofing Company specializes in a number of services.

Our Professional Roofing Services

The Roofing Company expertly installs, repairs, and replaces the following roofing systems:

  • Flat roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Shingle roofs
  • Solar panel systems

To make sure that we are able to provide all of your roofing needs, we also specialize in the following:

    • Roof accessories
    • Mountain roof snow management
    • Roof underlayment
    • Roof venting
    • Re-roofing
    • New roof construction
    • Custom roof fabrication
    • Roof waterproofing
    • Roof insulation

    With our comprehensive roofing services, your residential or commercial property is sure to be protected by a roofing system that offers durability, longevity, and energy efficiency, which can significantly add value to your home or business.

    How Else Can We Help: Our Other Services

    While we primarily specialize in roofing, we have also trained and got ourselves certified for other aspects of improvement services, such as:

    • Siding
    • Gutters
    • Decks
    • Roof snow removal

    With these services, The Roofing Company is able to give your property the complete protection that it deserves.