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Duck Water Proofing

Preserve Your Mountain Property’s Deck

Well versed in the unique conditions of living in the mountains, our team at The Roofing Company are experts in preserving more than just your roof. Our deck waterproofing services are tailored to ensure your mountain deck receives the care it needs to withstand the test of time.

Like your roof, intrusive water can wreak havoc on your property’s deck. If left untreated, water from snow and rain can lead to rot and mold, ultimately reducing the lifespan and the quality of your deck. Additionally, it’s important for mountain home and property owners to waterproof their deck to avoid undesired hazardous situations including ice buildup or an eventual collapse of your deck.

Our Deck Waterproofing Service

With expertise that’s come from decades of experience, our proven process is sure to keep your deck in good shape and a safe for your next outdoor gathering. We’ll start by making sure your deck is clean and dry, followed by sanding it down to remove previous damage from water and wear. Once your deck is prepared, we’ll apply our quality deck waterproofing coating that will not only protect your deck from water, but from mold growth, decay, and ice buildup.

Waterproofing your deck will preserve its look and integrity, but there’s more that can be done to help your mountain deck weather the seasons. 

Deck waterproofing service

Rocky Mountain Roof Types

With decades of mountain roofing and building science expertise, we specialize in a variety of roof types best suited for our unique climate. Our systems and techniques ensure superior results – from the most common materials to those engineered specifically for mountainous regions.

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Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and Downspouts work as a system to drain the runoff from ice, snow, and rain water on your roof. In the mountains, gutters not only divert rainwater, but also prevent ice buildup in front of homes, and on decks, in the winter. This additional precaution will aid in prolonging the life of your deck.

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Roof Management Essentials

Keeping your deck dry starts with managing your roof. Our roof snow removal and management services are fast, reliable and effective. These essentials include snow fences and snow guards, heat cables, snow brackets, and more.

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