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Quality Flat Roofing from Install to Maintenance

When designed and installed correctly, flat roofs provide a unique and modern beauty to a home or business. Additionally, when properly maintained, flat roofs are a more durable option than pitched roofs. But if not built or maintained correctly, flat roofs are more susceptible than pitched roofs to damage.

For instance, when not properly insulated during installation, flat roofs are more likely to endure ice dams in the winter. Flat roofs don’t have the attic space that traditional pitched roofs offer. Without that space, heat from your home is likely to melt the snow on your roof – which then refreezes at the cooler edges of your roof forming ice dams.

With nearly five decades of roofing experience, we’re experts in the building science of roofing. Our team has the systems and tools to ensure your flat roof is built and maintained the right way. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy your ideal roof with the peace of mind of knowing it was built to the highest standard.

Our Flat Roofing Products

Fun fact: A cubic inch of water weighs about 0.036 pounds. Multiply that by the surface area of your roof, and your roof could easily be holding an extra thousand pounds for each inch of rainwater. We understand the importance of a quality, properly constructed roof, which is why we use only the best roofing products from the most reputable vendors.

We’re experienced in the installation and maintenance of a variety of flat roof types, including TPO, EPDM, Hot Rubber, Hot Asphalt Torch Applied, and Composite Waterproofing Systems. Each of these systems works best in its own environment, and we can help ensure your home or building is equipped with the one best suited for your location.

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Manufacturer Honors

Carlisle Authorized Applicator
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