Your Mountain Re-Roofing Experts

Your Mountain Re-Roofing Experts

Eventually, a roof will reach the end of its lifespan. When that happens, the roof will be unable to protect a home the way it is meant to. Leaving an old roof in a state of disrepair can mean that you are exposing your home or business to the dangers of the elements. To avoid problems that can harm your property, health, and wallet, it may be time to get professional re-roofing services.

The Roofing Company’s full-service roofing care is just what you need to restore your roof to its former glory. Whether you need re-roofing or new construction, you can trust our roofing experts to get the job done right the first time.

Our Expert Roofing Services

With decades of helping build better Colorado mountain homes, we’re your experts in the following roofing types and services:

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

We offer corrugated, standing seam, and custom metal roofs built to withstand the mountain elements and to provide a timeless and attractive aesthetic.

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Flat Roof

Flat Roofs

We install and maintain a variety of flat roofing types, including TPO, EPDM, Hot Rubber, Hot Asphalt Torch Applied, and Composite Waterproofing Systems.

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Custom Fabrication

Custom Roof Fabrication

We’re experts in custom metal fabrication and can bring your ideal mountain roof to life. From patinated metal finishes to beautiful roof accessories, your mountain roof will be set apart.

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From asphalt and composite to steel, we can install attractive shingles that are robust, fire-resistant, and enduring.

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When repairs are no longer able to extend the life of your shingle roof, it may be time to plan for a roof replacement. Re-roofing with us will keep your property comfortable and beautiful year-round.

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Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Mountain roofs take a beating unlike that of any other climate. Our experienced team knows how to spot roof damages and repair them quickly and efficiently.

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New Roof Construction

New Roof Construction

A properly installed roofing system can ensure long-lasting protection against the elements, and that’s just what you’ll get with The Roofing Company.

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Why Choose Us

The Roofing Company has been in business since 1976. That’s decades of experience you can harness for your particular roofing needs, especially where new construction is concerned. We live and breathe the mountains, so we have a good grasp of the specific materials, designs, and craftsmanship necessary for building roofs that can withstand rapid climate changes and extreme high-altitude conditions.

We also adhere to the highest level of safety standards set by the industry to ensure you and your investment are protected during the job and for the years to come, alongside offering liability insurance and worker’s compensation. This has resulted in The Roofing Company earning more than a handful of safety awards in the industry.

As a roofing specialist, The Roofing Company is heavily involved in building science, helping spread the word on how buildings should perform in mountain conditions. We believe every roof should be designed and built to perform depending on individual property conditions and we offer custom fabrication services and finishes to bring your ideal roofing system to life.