4 Upgrades To Consider When Replacing your Roof

When replacing your roof there are many options to consider that can improve the overall beauty and longevity of your home. Here are some popular roof upgrades to consider.

Install An Air Tight Chimney Damper

Traditional masonry or metal chimney caps will keep out the rain, snow and small animals, but they allow a lot heat to escape from the home. Air tight dampers serve as a chimney cap and prevent the loss of heat.

Install Snow Guards

When ice or snow builds up on a roof it will eventually slide downward where it can damage gutters, vents and anything else that is in the way. Snow guards don’t have to look unsightly, and come in a variety of finishes and styles to enhance the beauty of your home.

Upgrade Roof Ventilation

If your attic is like a furnace in summer it may not be well ventilated. A hot attic will make it more difficult to keep the home cooler. Ridge vents can be installed across the top of the roof for unobtrusive venting. If needed, additional soffit vents can be installed under the eaves to draw cooler air into the attic as hot air is expelled out the vents.

Install Low-Maintenance Gutters

If your gutters are in need of replacement, consider gutters with hoods that allow water to pass through, but prevent leaves and debris from entering and creating an obstruction.

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