The Importance of Checking Your Roof For Hidden Hail Damage

In the Colorado mountain environment severe summer storms often bring large hail. When hail strikes, many property managers and homeowners will simply look at their roof and, if they don’t see any torn shingles or dents, assume that there is no damage. Unfortunately, hail damage can be insidious and not always visible to the untrained eye. Only after the passage of time does the damage become apparent when water leaks occur.

After a hail storm, the first areas you should check are the soft metal areas on the roof, such as vents, metal valleys, exhaust caps and flashing. These areas will typically be affected before shingles are damaged. If dents are visible, the shingles should be inspected by a qualified person. Hail damage is rated in terms of degrees of damage: bruising, granule loss, edge removal, wood spliting, and fracturing of the asphalt underlayment.

Because many insurance companies limit the time a claim can be filed after a hail event occurs, it is important to locate any damage as soon as possible. If a significant hail storm has impacted your roof, call The Roofing Company. Our experts are trained to recognize even minor hail damage that could lead to problems down the road.