The Importance of a Properly Ventilated Roof

Ventilation is important for preventing premature aging and damage to a roof caused by snow, moisture and heat. Venting allows for a consistent flow of cool, dry air through an attic, ensuring that air can enter and exit through an intake and exhaust system. Proper venting will do the following:

  • Allow outside air to flow upward and out of attic
  • Keep the attic cool and dry
  • Prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside the structure where it could damage insulation, shingles, roof deck and underlying wood structure
  • Prevent mold and rot that can damage drywall, paint and siding
  • Prevent water damage by reducing the thaw-refreeze cycle that causes ice dams on roofs
  • Reduce cooling costs in the summer by allowing interior heat to efficiently exit through the roof

On most roofs intake is usually attained through soffit and eave venting, which is then exhausted through vents in the gables, deck or ridge. Proper design is critical for achieving the right balance between intake and exhaust ventilation to ensure that air flows as efficiently as possible.

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