Roof Venting

Quality Delivery from You Roof Venting Experts

Proper roof venting facilitates the consistent airflow through the underside of your roofing system to create a natural exchange of indoor and outdoor air in your home. This process helps reduce humidity levels in the attic, preventing the excessive buildup of heat and moisture under your roof. Here at The Roofing Company, we offer quality and affordable roof vents to residents and businesses across Colorado.

Our Roof Venting Services

A balanced ventilation system consists of both air Intake or soffit vents and exhaust vents. We are skilled and experienced in installing these important components for your property and will deliver a quality finished product every time.

Cold Roof Venting/Vented Nail Base

These systems are recommended roof options for cold weather areas, such as mountain regions that experience very heavy snowfall. The idea is that it allows for a constant flow of cold air below the roofing material, but above the insulation. This cold air circulation helps prevent the formation of ice dams on the roof eaves.

Manufactured and Standard Ridge Vent

The Roofing Company installs ridge vents to allow for proper ventilation underneath the roof deck, which in turn helps reduce ice buildup and prevent condensation. We use only premium products, including Owens Corning® Ventsure or GAF® Cobra Vent.

Structural Ridge Vent

This is a structural framed ridge-mounted ventilation system on a house or building that allows extra ventilation to occur. The Roofing Company will flash and roof the vent to match the existing roof system. Structural ridge vents allow air to exhaust out of the ventilation cavity at greater capacity.

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