mountain roofing

We Use the Best Products to Ensure the Quality of Your Roof

We’re experts in the special requirements for a properly functioning mountain roof. That’s why we use only the best products to ensure your home or building is protected through every season. Additionally, our metal roof accessories are fabricated in-house by our highly skilled team and can be customized to match the aesthetic of your home and roof.

Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and Downspouts work as a system to drain the runoff from ice, snow, and rainwater on your roof. In the mountains, gutters not only divert rainwater but also prevent ice buildup in front of homes in the winter. Our gutters and downspouts are seamless, which means that there is just one gutter with no sections. This prevents water from leaking at the seams and also ice buildup in the winter.

Rolled Form Gutters

At The Roofing Company, rolled form gutters are the standard. We utilize a portable seamless gutter machine that is capable of producing 5” and 6″ K-style gutters from steel and copper. This process allows us to roll any custom length to create a seamless gutter system to meet a wide array of needs and applications.

Custom Gutters

Have a particular design in mind? Our expert team can fabricate customized gutters to meet all of your design standards and needs. For even the most uniquely detailed gutter and downspout systems, we can make them a reality.

Chimney Caps and Shroud

Our skilled craftsmen can fabricate and install any size chimney covers for stone, wood, or stucco surfaces. Chimney caps add interest and character while protecting your chimney from water damage.

Chimney shrouds provide a much more polished look to your roof by hiding chimney termination caps with a decorative chimney cover. All chimney caps and shrouds are fabricated in-house to maintain the highest standards in quality and workmanship.

Roof Vents

Like our other roof accessories, we fabricate our roof vents in-house. Roof vents allow your attic to breathe by creating proper airflow. This is crucial for the health of your roofing system as it reduces the build-up of moisture and heat that can lead to mold.

Roof Management Essentials

Our roof snow removal and management services are fast, reliable, and effective. Here are some of the advanced components we use to successfully manage snow after clearing your roof.

Heat Cables

Heat Cables

Ice dams are common to homes in the mountains. These cables allow for water to drain through ice dams, preventing a series of structural problems.

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snow brackets

Snow Brackets

These are part of a snow retention system used to prevent damage due to the sliding of snow and ice masses that accumulate on roofs, while also allowing accumulating snow to create an insulating blanket to promote energy efficiency.

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snow fences

Snow Fences

Snow fences help stop the movement of the upper layers of rooftop snow masses. These are particularly helpful over highly trafficked areas where snow falling from the roof might cause injury or lead to further hazards. 

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alpine snow fence

Alpine Snow Guards

Snow Guards are rooftop devices that hold snow and ice to the roof to melt before falling to the ground. This technology allows the snow to melt slowly and reduces the risk of damage or injury from rooftop avalanches.

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Why Choose Us

At The Roofing Company, our priority is to ensure that our work is of excellent quality. We only represent trusted and recognized brands in the industry. Following strict safety guidelines and procedures that reduce potential risks, we maintain the highest possible safety standards in the industry to protect you, your investment, and our team. You can rest assured that we will save you money and time by delivering only the best solutions for your residential or commercial property.