Flat Roofs and Gutter Maintenance

Ponding of water on flat roofs can be caused by many factors, including poor drainage, sloping problems, and drain blockage. If left unchecked, the standing water caused by ponding can lead to leaks, mold, fungas and damage to the underlying structure.

If there is standing water for longer than 48 hours after rain, have the roof inspected to determine the cause and have it corrected.

Gutter Maintenance

In the Colorado mountain environment it especially important to prevent clogged gutters, can lead to problems with ice dams. In addition to cleaning debris from gutters regularly to prevent clogging, there are other maintenance tasks that should be performed, including:

  • Inspect the roof every spring and fall for tree branches the hang over the roof. Trim the trees back to prevent debris from collecting on the roof.
  • Loof for loose connection between gutters and downspouts. Ensure that the water is being directed away from the building.
  • Check for excessive corrosion and loose fittings that could cause the gutters to detach from the building. Reseal seams as needed.
  • If clogging is a recurring problem, consider having commercial gutter guards installed to help shed debris off the gutters.