The Importance of Roof Venting For Mountain Roofs

In the Colorado mountain climate, a properly vented roof is essential to prevent damage from heavy snow and ice. One of the best options is a “cold roof” vent design. A cold roof is similar to traditional ventilated roofs in that it allows air to enter the eaves of the roof through vents. The air flows up the roof to the peak where it exits.

Cold roofs are ideal for timber frame homes with SIP roof panels and help prevent damage from ice dams and trapped moisture. Cold air circulation helps prevent snow melt on the roof when the outside temperature is 22 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

Ridge Vents

Ridge Vents help provide proper ventilation underneath the roof deck to help prevent condensation and help reduce ice buildup. A structural framed ridge mounted ventilation system on a house or building that allows proper ventilation to occur. The Roofing Company will flash and roof the vent to match the existing roof system. The structural ridge vent allows air exhaust out of the ventilation cavity.