Top 4 Roofing Accessories You Need

Your roof has an important purpose: to protect your home from external effects like rain, snow, cold and heat. You can add accessories to your roof to both help it do its job and make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

These are just some of the best accessories The Roofing Company, your trusted roofing contractor, can install for you.

1. Gutters

Gutters are essential for both rain and snow seasons as it helps drain precipitation from the roof. A good gutter system will help prevent the precipitation from overflowing and damaging your property. We provide seamless gutters, standard rolled form gutters made from steel and copper, and even a customizable gutter based on your design needs.

2. Chimneys Caps

A chimney cap is a preventive accessory against clutter or pest infestation. We offer chimney caps that are both functional and complement the theme of your home. Plus, we can work with stone, wood or stucco surfaces, and we only use the highest-quality materials.

3. Snow Retention Accessories

We can also install accessories that help keep the cold weather at bay. Even after a metal roof installation, which is one of the best insulating roofs available, you should take advantage of our snow brackets and fences, which helps retain snow on your roof.

4. Flashing

Flashing is a simple metallic coating that’s placed around the edges of your roof to prevent water damage and even erosion. Most of our flashing materials are custom-made to accommodate harsh climates, and we also provide metallic soffits and fascia for hard-to-reach areas on your roof.

To learn more about roof accessories or to get an estimate on our roof repair services, you can contact us at (970) 887-0104. We’re Colorado roofing contractors serving homeowners in the greater Granby, CO area.