Choosing Your Roof Color

Designing your exterior can bring a lot of questions to mind. What kind of lighting should I use? What color should my walls be? What should my windows look like? All these questions may clutter your thought processes.

You also need to consider the color of your new roof construction. The Roofing Company provides the following tips to help you pick the right one.

Dark vs. Light

Contrary to popular belief, having lighter colored shingles isn’t significantly more effective than darker ones; most literature agrees that there’s only a 10% difference. This, however, is a great factor in trimming bloated electrical costs. Lighter colored roofs can minimize the heat that seeps into your interior, giving your cooling system an easier time in maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Complement Your Bricks

Bricks are permanent features of your exterior whose features cannot be adjusted unless you paint over them (which doesn’t make sense). Instead, choose a complimentary color for your roof shingles to round off your brick’s existing hue. Our roof installation professionals can easily help you choose the appropriate one for you.

Use Complementary Shingles

To create more depth and design for your roof, try picking complementary shades for your shingles. Having a mixture of colors can make your roof’s overall color composition pop, giving your home more vibrancy and appeal. However, if your exterior is already bursting in color, choosing to have a roof with a single color might be able to tone it down somewhat.

As residential roofing contractors, we’re always ready to help you choose and decide which design choice is perfect for your home. To learn more about how to complement your roof design, you can contact us at (970) 887-0104. We serve Colorado homeowners, specifically those in Aspen, CO.