The Roofing Company: GAF Master Elite® Roofers

We guarantee that our clients will receive the best service they deserve. At The Roofing Company, we ensure all our work is made with precision and professionalism. That’s why we have earned the GAF Master Elite® distinction.

If you are wondering what sets a GAF Master Elite roofer apart from the rest, let us tell you how we were able to achieve this prestige.

Why Standards Matter

Most people believe that as long as you can use a hammer and nail shingles on somebody’s roof, you’re a roofer. This isn’t so. This job entails certifications and licenses, and even then, you cannot be the best in your field if you haven’t gained the trust of both the community and the roofing manufacturers you represent.

A Master Elite roofer is trusted by their customers and GAF themselves to do roof replacement or roof repair services. This is because customers need assurance, consistency of work and a degree of professional standards. These are concerns that GAF Master Elite roofers aim to address.

What It Takes to Be a Master Elite

To earn a GAF Master Elite designation, you need to be in the roofing business for at least seven years and hold a 99% customer satisfaction based from the survey of the GAF committee, and you must have $1 million general liability coverage and a clean bank record and distributor reference judgment records. If you think that’s tall order, it is. This is why only 3% of roofing contractors in the country have achieved such a distinction.

GAF Master Elite® Benefits

This designation we carry isn’t just to show it off; it’s to prove to you that you can trust us. A GAF Master Elite contractor ensures quality of workmanship. You can expect top-tier service, from metal roof installation to wall panel repair and everything in between. It also gives us access to GAF’s continuing training, so we’re up to date on the latest roofing techniques and can offer the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty, the best warranty in the business.

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