Metal Roofing: What Makes It an All-Weather Roof?

Metal roofs are fast becoming one of the top choices for residential homes. Although asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular choices, many homeowners are switching to metal roofing thanks to its superior durability, longevity and weather tolerance.

Metal Roofing: What Makes It an All-Weather Roof?

Metal roofs are also among the few true all-weather roofs. The Roofing Company, your trusted local roofing contractor, discusses why.

Low-Maintenance Roofing

Metal roofs have higher durability and weather tolerance than its main predecessors, wood shakes and asphalt shingles. Metal can easily withstand even the most punishing winds and storms to which those two would succumb.

When properly installed, a metal roof will only require basic roofing maintenance. In fact, you can keep it in good condition just by cleaning its surface and removing dirt and debris. To ensure that your new metal roof is as low-maintenance as possible, make sure you have a professional roofer like us do the metal roof installation.

Long Service Life

Metal roofs have one of the longest life spans out of all the roofs, even rivaling classic options like slate and tile. While they do last longer than metal on paper, it’s a different case in practice. Metal roofs are sturdier than either tile and slate, which, while often long-lived, can become brittle and get weathered down by heat and rain. In contrast, metal roofs easily shrug off even the most debilitating weather condition, so it lasts longer in actual use than slate and tile.


Metal roofs also naturally reflect radiant heat from the sun, so there’s less heat gain in your home if you install this window. Additionally, they shed rain and snow better because of the way the panels interlock. You won’t see a pile of snow on top of your house when you have a metal roof.

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