3 Factors That Can Affect Your Roof’s Warranty Policy

Picture this: something goes wrong with your roof. It could be a leak or poor insulation, but since that last shingled roof installation was done only a few years ago, you’re not worried since you think it’s still covered by a warranty. You call the contractor, have the damage fixed and find yourself having to pay for the service.

3 Factors That Can Affect Your Roof’s Warranty Policy

Contrary to popular belief, having a warranty policy for your roof isn’t a 100% free-fix solution in case something goes wrong. Certain factors can affect your policy’s scope of coverage or overall costs. By understanding these factors, you can avoid the situation above and still have peace of mind that you’re covered.

1. Who Installed It?

Is your roof installed by a licensed roofing contractor like us, or was it put up by an unlicensed amateur? Some roofing products are covered by warranties only if they were installed by an accredited professional. This ensures that the roof installation was done according to manufacturer specifications and that the only cause of problem was indeed the product not being able to provide the expected quality of performance.

2. Neglect

Most products have warranties that can get voided if the problem was deliberately caused by neglect. The same principle applies to roofing systems. For example, severe damage could have been prevented if you had notified a contractor well before a small leak had spread to other parts of the roof.

3. Improper Maintenance

This one’s almost the same as neglect, except there was a genuine effort on the homeowner’s part to keep the roof maintained. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can cause just as much damage as no maintenance. Common examples would be using a power washer to clean the roof shingles since the pressure can strip off the protective layer of asphalt granules. A safer option would be to call professionals for proper roof repair services.

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