Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors Before Hiring Them

Residential roofing contractors are not that difficult to find. However, finding the ones that you can fully trust with your roof (and cash) can be quite tricky. Everybody claims that they’re the best, so you can’t just go by those words to narrow down your list of options.

A better way to separate the top roofers from the rest of the pack is by asking them these important questions.

Are You a Local Roofer?

Local roofers operate near your area and have working contact numbers and a verified addresses. Getting in touch with them will be easier, plus you don’t have to worry about transportation delays because they’re in the same area as you. Best of all, by limiting your options to local roofers, you’re avoiding storm chasers that are only out there to scam you.

Do People Know You?

If you want to pay someone for roof installation services, it better be a roofer with which the local community is already familiar. Check their website for user feedback, and see what their previous clients have to say about their level of professionalism. Better yet, see if anyone you know in the local community has already hired a particular roofer to get genuine feedback.

Are You Insured?

Limit your options to roofers with workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Because of the nature of roof-related projects, you can’t risk getting caught off-guard by unexpected expenses related to accidents or damage to property. At The Roofing Company our insurance is designated to be able to work on roofs and you can be named as additional insured, that way you have peace of mind with your home.

Do You Hire Others to Do Your Work?

Some roofing contractors hire subcontractors to do the work for them. While this practice isn’t inherently bad, it’s still much better to pick a roofing contractor with an in-house team. This is because there’s no reliable way of gauging the quality of their work, especially contractors that keep hiring different subcontractors for every other project. Poor build quality can negatively affect the life span of new roof construction.

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