Roofing Tips on Finding the Perfect Roof Color

Enhance your home’s curb appeal by choosing the right color for your roof. Your favorite Roofing contractor, The Roofing Company, offers tips to find the right roof color for your home.

Roofing Tips on Finding the Perfect Roof Color

Use the Color Wheel

The first thing to consider is the color wheel. This tried and tested tool can help you find which colors easily complement and contrast with one another. Being familiar with the color wheel allows you to know the color combinations that work best together.

Light Colors Versus Dark

Choosing roof colors isn’t a purely aesthetic endeavor; they can also help your home become more energy-efficient. Apart from getting cool roofs during your metal roof installation, you can also be more energy-efficient with shingles and tile by choosing lighter colors for your roof. Light colors absorb less heat from the sun, keeping your roofing system cooler in warm seasons. Alternatively, if you live in a much colder environment, a dark colored roof might be the right color for you. Dark colors absorb more heat from the sun keeping your roofing system warmer in the winter seasons.

Match Your Exterior

Choosing the perfect roof color is not an isolated case; you’ll need to choose a color that best harmonizes with your siding, gutters and even windows. You can also choose to make your roof color stand out by contrasting it with the rest of your home. Ask us for assistance if you need help finding the right color combination that can work with your current home exterior.

Complement Your Home’s Architecture

Another way roof color can enhance your curb appeal is by matching your home’s architecture. Homes with a wood log design look better if you use copper or green metal roofing. We can offer you suggestions like these to help you find the right color and style for you.

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