Common Roofer Scams and How to Avoid Them

The roofing industry is no stranger to scams. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the signs of such. Not only is it helpful for you, but it also benefits other roofing companies with good business standing and a local reputation in providing top-notch services.

When it comes to stress-free and high-quality roofing services, The Roofing Company is your local roofing contractor to trust for your needs. We protect you from the following roofing warning signs:

Unnecessary Repairs

Less-than-reputable roofing companies scam homeowners by performing a “roof inspection.” Here, the roofers find “problems” and offer to “perform repairs” to fix these issues. Once done, the homeowners involved would receive a higher bill for their “work” done. Unless you are aware of them, these issues are often hard to identify.

Poor Repair Job

Sometimes, roofing companies provide a price that is far lower than any other competitor in the area. It can be a shady scheme because it is likely they do only cosmetic work. For them, it is easy to place new shingles, disregarding the actual issues at hand. The roof looks great but it is nearly as bad as it was before performance-wise. Our established roofers offer excellent roof repair services that can help ensure your roof’s ability to withstand any weather condition.


Reputable roofing contractors provide reasonable estimates; scammers do not. In fact, there are others who even refuse to honor the quote they provide homeowners. One way to determine shady roofers is to obtain as many estimates as possible from local roofing companies.

Don’t be afraid to look for references for your next home improvement project. Do some careful research, taking advantage of the time you have. More importantly, ask your potential roofer questions. The Roofing Company would be more than willing to respond to any of your roofing questions.

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