Roof Insulation: A Look at the Spray Foam Variety

Every home must have roof insulation. Without it, homeowners have to deal with comfort issues and potential water damage. In our local area, which experiences heavy winter snow and freeze-thaw cycles during spring, inadequate insulation can result in leaks and ice dams. These then compromises the roofing system, causing its early failure.

In today’s post, The Roofing Company, one of the top local residential roofing contractors, discusses spray foam insulation and how it helps the roof in its performance under harsh weather conditions.

Dealing With Ice Dams

Ice dams begin with heat collecting in the attic and warming one area of the roof. As the snow on the roof melts, the water then flows to the cold part of the roof, causing it to freeze. The process continues until a thick, solid ridge of ice forms along the eaves. Water backs up behind the formation, making its way through the cracks and openings in the exterior roof covering and into the roof attic.

Every roof installation services provider like us agrees on the need for your roof and the other components to be protected against water damage due to ice dams. This is where spray roof insulation comes in handy.

Different From Other Forms of Insulation

Traditionally, roofing systems are designed and constructed to “breathe”. This means the insulation material must allow air to pass through it. The hot air then escapes through vents, keeping the roof deck temperatures as low as possible. The spray foam variety, however, takes away the need for vents on the roofing system.

Unlike other insulation types like fiberglass, a spray foam system is not air-impermeable, which means no air passes through to the deck. It is installed directly at the underside of the roof decks that lie over living space. In this approach, all cracks, gaps, and voids in the wall and the roof are sealed, forming an airtight barrier that keeps exterior moisture out.

Apart from reducing ice dams, spray foam insulation is a non-toxic way of keeping your home comfortable. It also limits airborne dust and allergen infiltration and prevents mold and mildew while you save money on energy costs.

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