How to Find the Perfect Roofing Contractor

Is there such a thing as a perfect roofing contractor? Admittedly, perfection is too lofty a goal for anyone to ever reach. However, that’s no reason not to aim for it, especially when it comes to your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Just like you wouldn’t trust your car repairs to an amateur or a stranger, it’s not advisable to let shady, fly-by-night roofing companies handle your roofing troubles.

How to Find the Perfect Roofing Contractor

Let our experts at The Roofing Company (CO) walk you through a few simple steps that can help you seal the deal with the perfect contractor or, at the very least, the closest to a perfect contractor you can find.

Skills and Expertise

Your roof is only as good as its installer. It’s unbelievable how many re-roofing projects our professionals have done just to fix the mistakes the previous roofer has left behind. Not only is this costly for you as a homeowner, but the delays in roof repair services or installation could mean lost wages, extended inconvenience, and a slew of other frustrating problems.

Ask your roofing company what type of license, certifications, and training their contractors have, or if they are sending over subcontractors, how many years of experience do those have in the field. This can help you determine early on whether you’ve made a good decision or not.

Do Your Due Diligence

Check the BBB website for outstanding complaints or cases the roofing company may have. One or two bad reviews may not mean much, but a long list of repeated offenses should never be ignored. Additionally, ask them for customer references. Three or four quick conversations should be enough to tell you whether or not you’re dealing with trustworthy roofers.

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