Caring for Your Copper Roofing System

As far as old and new roof construction products go, copper roofing systems are definitely one of the top-ranked materials used today. The history of copper goes back several millennia and its strengths and advantages have endured well into the modern era. This is thanks to its intrinsic properties that make it resistant to heat, cold, snow, rain, and whatever else Mother Nature has in store.

Copper roofs, on their own, easily last for over a century. However, if you want your copper roof to last more than that, it’s important to keep it in good shape. Let our professional roofers at The Roofing Company (CO) walk you through some of the most important maintenance steps in caring for a copper roof.

The Science Behind Copper

The copper roofs installed by residential roofing contractors today are rarely manufactured from pure elemental copper. It’s an alloy of two or more metals that help improve its overall strength and durability. Over time, the surface molecules of copper react with the oxygen in the air and begin to show signs of corrosion. However, unlike, iron, copper doesn’t form rust. Instead, it develops a beautiful patina. This patina is not damaging to copper. This acts as a shield, protecting the copper from further damage.

The Biggest Risks Against Copper Roofs

Like most materials, copper is not immune to the constant expansion and contraction caused by changing temperatures. While this doesn’t affect the material per se, it does gradually loosen the fasteners that hold the assembly in place. Over time, this could warp the sheet metal and keep it from lying squarely on the roof deck. Seasonal maintenance can help nip this problem in the bud and keep your copper roof from getting lifted up and ruined.

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