4 Roofing Problems That You Need to Know How to Recognize

Roof inspections, along with repairs and maintenance, should be left to professionals. But you should be vigilant in identifying problems to ensure that your roofer knows about them as soon as they arise.

  1. Shiners — Shiners are roofing nails that protrude through the roofing deck, usually caused by inexperienced installers using the wrong type of fasteners. They are called “shiners” because during winter, frost would cover the protruding nails and make them shine. Shiners can only be seen if you check the attic. If attic insulation is installed right under the roof deck, you need to keep an eye out for signs of moisture damage on the insulation material.

  2. Insufficient Roof Ventilation — If the attic feels hotter than it is outside, it might not be venting out hot and humid air properly. Therefore, your attic needs to have a proper ventilation system, where the heat and moisture is released at the ridges while the resulting air pressure pulls fresh, cool air through matching soffit vents. Whether you have an asphalt shingle or a metal roof installation, have your contractor determine if the air in the attic is unusually hot and humid.

  1. Improperly Used Sealant — Inexperienced or untrained roof installers often make the mistake of using too much sealant on the flashing, which forms cracks as it dries, leading to leaks. To fix this, the old sealant must be removed by an experienced roofing contractor, who will apply the correct amount of sealant before reinstalling the flashing.

  1. Missing Drip Edge — The drip edge is a type of flashing with an inverted L-shaped profile, installed on the roof’s edge. It prevents rainwater from seeping into the roof deck through capillary action. This is a standard component of most of today’s roofing systems, yet there are unscrupulous roofers who won’t install it just to cut corners.

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