Why Is Roof Flashing an Important Roofing Component?

If you ask homeowners about the different parts of the roof, most of them will probably tell you about the shingles and the roof deck. Many know that the flashing exists, but they tend to dismiss it because it’s not as prominent as other parts of the roofing system. However, the flashing is easily one of the most important parts of the roof.

Why Is Roof Flashing an Important Roofing Component?

What Is Roof Flashing Anyway?

The roof flashing refers to parts of the roof made of thin strips of metal, felt or other non-porous material that run along intersecting parts of the roof. These intersections include ridges, valleys, areas where a roof intersects a chimney or boot vent, or pretty much anywhere that shingles can’t completely “fill in”, so to speak. Flashing can be secured with sealants, bolts or a combination of both.

Knowing where the flashing is, it’s easy to tell that its main purpose is to complete a roofing system’s waterproof surface. Without the flashing, water can easily get past the roof surface and reach the more vulnerable components like the deck and trusses. This is why residential roofing contractors treat the flashing as one of the first things to check when a roof has a leak.

Roof Flashing Maintenance

As a homeowner, knowing what could go wrong with your roof’s flashing is essential for preventing major problems down the road. For example, a sealant will get brittle and form cracks over time, creating gaps where moisture can seep inside. Constant temperature changes can also cause the flashing material to expand and contract, creating warps that have to be sealed.

While it might be tempting to try and fix the flashing on your own, it’s much better to call for experts who can provide professional roof installation services. Since they have the tools and knowledge to perform effective repairs, you don’t have to worry about problems reappearing due to poorly made DIY jobs.

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