New Roof Construction as Explained by the Experts

A lot of homeowners assume that getting a new roof and replacing their current one is exactly the same. However, experts in roof repair services say that new roof construction is different from even a total roof replacement. Let’s take a closer look at this type of roof work to gain a better understanding of it.

New Roof Construction as Explained by the Experts

New Roof Construction in a Nutshell

As its name suggests, new roof construction involves putting a roof over a building. The process starts by taking the right measurements of the existing structure. Based on these measurements, it’s possible to narrow down which roofing styles are viable and what materials can be used during construction.

After measurements and the initial design process, the roofing contractor will also consider other factors, such as the local climate, to make sure the new roofing system will actually be able to keep the rest of the structure safe from the elements. The rest boils down to figuring out the cosmetics (color and style) and actual roof construction.

Why Is It Different From Roof Replacement?

While both new roof construction and roof replacement involve adding a fresh roof over a structure, they have a few major differences. First, new roof construction starts with the structure having no existing roofing system while roof replacement is only possible if there’s already an existing roof.

That may sound trivial to some, but that difference also has an effect on how each project is done. New roof construction will give you more options when getting your new roof. With roof replacement, it’s possible to have a new roofing system while still keeping parts of the existing roof. This also limits your options because the replacement roof will most likely be similar in terms of design and dimensions as the older one. However, since roof replacement may keep parts of the older roof, it could be cheaper than, say, a new metal roof installation from scratch.

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