Gutter Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring

Spring is far from over, which means there’s more time for you to focus on cleaning the other parts of your home, including your gutters. Here are spring gutter maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Gutter Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring

Give Your Downspouts a Look

You shouldn’t overlook your downspouts even if your gutters are clean and clog-free. Check them as well to see if there are no organic matter like dried leaves and Pine needs and other debris stuck in them. Also, see if the ends of downspouts are too close to your home. Consider extending them as far away from your home as possible. This way, water runoff lands someplace safe to prevent your landscaping from flooding every time it rains.

Hire a Professional Who Cleans and Inspects Gutters

If you haven’t cleaned and inspected your gutter system since the fall, consider hiring a professional to do it. This will make sure your gutters are ready once it rains. A reputable gutter and roofing contractor can identify signs of gutter damage, such as cracks and corrosion, and apply the appropriate fixes.

Trim Back Tree Branches

Nearby trees with branches hanging directly above your roofing system must be trimmed. In doing so, you make sure that no leaves and twigs collect on your gutters and cause water to flow out onto the sides of gutters instead of toward the downspouts.

If your gutters no longer function as intended due to irreparable damage, consider having them replaced. The Roofing Company offers rolled form seamless gutters, which are produced on-site via a portable machine. Using copper or steel sheets, we can create K-style gutters of any continuous length to meet a wide array of needs and applications.

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