How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace the Soffit and Fascia

The fascia and soffit boards are inconspicuous, but important parts of your roof. The former – a long, straight board located at the end of the rafters – prevents pests from infiltrating the underside of your roof while the latter provides ventilation for your roof, preventing wood rot and other forms of moisture damage. If any of the two is damaged or is too worn, your roof might be left vulnerable to moisture damage. 


How can you tell if it’s time to replace your roof’s soffit and fascia boards? By keeping an eye out for these warning signs. 


How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace the Soffit and Fascia

Flaking Paint 


In addition to improving your roof’s overall aesthetic appeal, paint helps protect the fascia and soffit boards from the elements. Since it’s not uncommon for flaking paint to be accompanied by cracks, it might be a warning sign the fascia needs to be replaced soon. 


Loose Gutters 


Your gutters are attached to the fascia board and depend on it for structural support. If the gutter system starts to pull away from the roof, a damaged fascia board might be to blame. Of course, it’s not the only possible culprit behind loose gutters. For instance, your gutter system’s fasteners might have become loose. That’s why if you notice an issue with the fascia board, your gutters, or any part of your roof for that matter, you should have a contractor inspect your roof as soon as possible. 


Weird Noises 


Weird noises coming from your roof are usually a sign pests have infiltrated. Pests love to make their nests in dark, narrow spaces, such as the underside of your roof, because they provide shelter from the elements. Since one of the fascia board’s primary functions is to prevent pests from infiltrating your roof, weird noises are almost always a sign the fascia suffered some kind of damage and should be replaced as soon as possible. 


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How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace the Soffit and Fascia