How to Keep Your Attic Cool This Summer

The temperature in your attic can reach 150 degrees during summer if there’s inadequate ventilation. High attic temperatures can cause asphalt shingles to prematurely age and force your HVAC system to consume more electricity to keep temperatures at a comfortable level. That’s why it’s important that you keep your attic cool this summer. 


Here are some tips on keeping attic temperatures at comfortable levels: 


How to Keep Your Attic Cool This Summer

Install Additional Passive Vents 


Installing extra soffit and ridge vents in your roof and attic will allow more hot humid air to exit your roof and improve airflow in your attic. However, before you decide to add new intake or exhaust vents, it’s best to consult a roofing contractor. A properly designed roofing ventilation system balances the number of exhaust and intake vents. Having just the right number of vents pressurizes your attic, preventing cool air from moving out of your home too quickly and keeping attic temperatures at manageable levels. 


Install Electric Ventilators and Attic Fan


There’s also the option of installing electrical ventilators and attic fans, which remove hot air from your attic. If you’re planning on installing one of these, here’s a tip: look for modern ventilators with an automatic feature that turns on the fan whenever attic temperatures become too high (100 to 110 degrees is usually considered too hot for an attic). 


Install Additional Insulation Layers


If there are any gaps in your insulation or there isn’t enough insulation, cool air can quickly escape your home, increasing the strain on your HVAC system and raising your electricity costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the majority of homes should have an R-value between 22 and 49. The R-value gives you an idea of the insulation’s ability to prevent heat transfer – the higher the R-value, the better the insulative capability. If you’re not sure your attic has enough insulation, you should have a contractor from a roof repair services company inspect your home. 


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How to Keep Your Attic Cool This Summer