What Roof Repairs Can and Can’t Do

Why replace your roof when it’s cheaper to have it repaired? In some cases, it makes more practical – and financial sense – to get a roof replacement. There are things that roof repairs can and can’t do.

 Roof Repairs

When Repairs Are Needed 

Repairs should be enough to fix minor to moderate roofing damage or issues like loose roofing shingles and flashing. Minor leaks should only require repairs as well, provided that they were detected before moisture damage affects other parts of your roof or home. 

What Repairs Can’t Do 

Of course, roof repairs have limitations. Contractors won’t recommend them if: 

  • Your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan – As your roof ages, it’ll suffer more breakdowns and require more repairs. Compared to a roof replacement, repairs might not seem that much. However, the costs can quickly add up. And, don’t forget that frequent roofing damage increases the risk roofing damage might affect other parts of your home. That’s why in the long run, a roof replacement can save you more money. 
  • Your roof suffered extensive roofing damage – Damage left behind by extreme weather events usually require extensive repairs and, in some cases, a roof replacement.

Important note: as a rule of thumb, you should have a professional roofing contractor inspect your exterior after an extreme weather event. What if you haven’t noticed any signs of leaks or roofing damage? It’d still be a good idea to schedule a roof inspection. No matter how durable your roof is, it’s bound to suffer some form of damage after a storm. Not to mention it takes time for the warning signs of leaks to emerge. And, by the time these signs appear, it’s already too late to mitigate storm roofing damage. 

Not sure if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced? Consult an experienced roofing contractor. 

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