Tips on How to Avoid Voiding Your Roofing Warranty

Building a roof is a big-ticket investment. Between finding a good roofing contractor to complete the job and putting out money on both materials and labor, there is a lot that goes into constructing this important part of your home. Naturally, you would want to keep it protected against anything that could potentially cause any harm. For this reason, many homeowners choose to insure their roofs.



Tips on How to Avoid Voiding Your Roofing Warranty


However, even the most comprehensive insurance policies can still have its limitations. New roofs, in particular, are often still covered by a warranty that protects you against any problems caused by either material failure or installation mistakes. But you must ensure that you don’t void your warranty.


Hire Certified Roofers


Certain roof types like a metal roof installation require roofers with specialized training before they can be installed or repaired. Warranties often explicitly discuss only hiring professionals that are authorized by the manufacturer to handle their roofs. Sometimes, this condition even extends to additional services, such as maintenance and repairs. Double-check the terms of your warranty to make sure you don’t accidentally void its coverage by hiring the wrong roofer.


Register Your Roof


Some roofing companies require homeowners to register their new roofs to enjoy the coverage of their standard warranties. Most of the time, however, this responsibility falls on your contractor, but it’s still important to talk to them about registering the roof to maximize the benefits of its warranty coverage.


Use System Components


It’s possible for roof repair services to use non-system parts for general repairs and service; however, you have to be careful about this. Some warranties, especially manufacturer warranties, can be voided by using non-system components alongside their roofing system.


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