How Dangerous Can Trees Be for Roofs?

Trees offer great aesthetic benefits for any yard, which is why many homeowners prefer plenty of greenery. However, it’s important to keep trees away from your roof. For all their merits, trees can also be a source of headache in terms of roof maintenance.



How Dangerous Can Trees Be for Roofs?


The destructive effects of trees are not readily apparent and can happen gradually over long periods of time. For this reason, tree owners must remain vigilant about keeping their roof safe at all times. 


Debris and Clutter


You need to make sure that there are no branches hanging over any part of the roof. This is particularly important for gutters. Trees shed their leaves in the fall. These leaves often end up in gutters and downspouts, causing clogging problems. Additionally, fall is also the time of the year when you want your gutters clear of any obstruction because of the frequent rains. Consider trimming overhanging branches and cleaning out your gutters to prevent any water-related problems on your roof.


Impact Damage


Leaves aren’t the only debris that trees can shed. Sometimes, dried out twigs and branches can also fall on the roof panel itself. This could potentially cause impact damage and knock one or two shingles tabs off the roof, exposing the vulnerable underlayment layer. When this happens, contact your local roofing company for immediate repairs before the damage becomes more serious.


High Humidity


Water and humidity problems are common issues. While trees are great at providing fresh clean air to your home, they can also generate a lot of humidity. Get regular and preventive maintenance on your roof to keep humidity issues at bay all year long.


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