How Adequate Ventilation Protects Your Roof

Adequate ventilation is vital to protecting your roof from moisture damage. Without sufficient ventilation, warm, humid air can’t circulate out of your roof, creating a damp environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold. 

Adequate Ventilation Protects

How Much Ventilation Does Your Roof Need? 

As a general rule, there should be a square foot of net free area (NFA) – the area through which air can pass – for every 300 square feet of floor area in attics with a vapor barrier. And, for attics without a vapor barrier, there should be a square foot of NFA for every 150 square feet of attic floor space. 

What Are the Essential Components of a Roofing Ventilation System? 

Your home’s ventilation system consists of exhaust and intake vents, and soffit and fascia boards. The soffit boards are located under the fascia board, which is the long straight board your gutters are attached to, preventing them from sagging. They help provide adequate ventilation by allowing fresh, cool air to enter from the bottom part of the roofing system. However, in order for air to circulate properly beneath your roof, the soffits and fascia board should be vented. 

Choosing the Right Soffit Board For Your Home 

In addition to ensuring there’s proper air circulation beneath your roof, soffit boards help protect your roof’s rafters (the wooden beams that provide structural support for your roof) from the elements. Keep in mind that not all soffit materials can provide the same level of protection. 

Here’s an overview of the most widely used soffit materials: 

  • Vinyl – Thanks to their affordability and low maintenance needs, vinyl soffit boards are one of the most popular options. 
  • Aluminum – Aluminum soffits, which are resistant to rot and moisture damage, are a smart choice for homeowners living in rainy climates. 
  • Timber – Timber soffits can add a rustic appeal to your exterior. 

To learn more about your soffit options, consult one of your local roof repair services companies. 

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