3 Reasons You Need Shingle Blow-Off Repairs

Any damage to your roofing system should be dealt with immediately. This is especially crucial in cases of shingle blow-offs, which not only leave your home susceptible to leaks, but shorten the service life of your roof as well. Here’s why.

shingle blow off
  1. Keep your roof leak-free: Strong winds blow the shingles off your roofing system during a storm. But they are not always the root of this problem. In most cases, it’s old age, poor installation or manufacturing defects that are making the shingles more vulnerable to wind damage. Because shingle blow-offs make it easier for water to infiltrate your roof and home, you won’t want to put off the necessary repair.  
  1. Prolong your roof’s life: We’ve mentioned that shingle blow-offs can lead to leaks, which can cause eventual water damage to your home when overlooked. But did you know that they can also fast-track your roof’s deterioration? That’s because the leaks resulting from this issue encourage mold and rot to develop in the roof structure, weakening its integrity. 
  1. Maintain your home’s look: Those exposed roof sections where the shingles used to be won’t be doing your home any favors, aesthetics-wise. If you want your home to make a big impression from the curb (but in a good way), it pays to have your roofing system repaired pronto. 

Call The Roofing Company promptly when your system has suffered a shingle blow-off. Let our trained and experienced team perform a comprehensive assessment of the damage’s extent and, depending on the results, recommend the appropriate and more effective solution. You can count on our exceptional workmanship to ensure your roof stays intact and leak-free.

Whether you need shingle blow-off repairs or metal roof installation, The Roofing Company has got you covered. With our professional crew, we’ll restore your roofing system to rights so it can continue providing the reliable and lasting weather performance you’ve come to expect. Call us today at (970) 887-0104, or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. We serve Granby, CO, and the surrounding areas.