Tips to Protect your Roof Against Winter Storm Damage

With the winter months approaching, it pays to do everything you can to protect your roof against damage. If you look after it well, you won’t have to worry about hiring a roof installation services contractor anytime soon. Read on as we share tips to keep your roof intact and capable of handling anything that winter throws at it.


Tips to Protect your Roof Against Winter Storm Damage

Perform a Visual Inspection


When you check your roof from the safety of the ground, be on the lookout for cracks and weak spots. They may look harmless, but disregarding even just a small defect anywhere on the roof surface could lead to costly repairs and, possibly, premature replacement. Get in touch with your roofer as soon as possible for a thorough assessment.


Keep Tabs on Upcoming Storms


Getting yourself updated on local forecasts allows you to prepare your roof and your home for the winter months. Take advantage of pleasant weather to schedule a roof inspection. After a storm ravages your area during winter, be sure to contact your trusted residential roofing contractors to check if the roof is still in one piece or requires repairs.


Protect Your Roof From Winter Hazards


During your visual inspection, see if the branches of a nearby tree are getting close to the roofline. If so, have them trimmed immediately. Otherwise, they may collect a dangerous load of snow, causing them to break and land on your roof, causing damage. Also, too many leaves and debris in your gutters can cause standing water to freeze into ice. Clean them before winter arrives.


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